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"Stepping Away" Workshop

A 2-Day Retreat for dentists to scale and regain Their freedom In The Practice
october 14-15 2022 Newport Beach, California

Stepping Away really changed our lives.

I know we are not done yet, but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel

for thefirst time in years. I feel we are not only looking in the same direction, but actually

heading there.

Dr. Anastasio

Hear From Dentists

Just like you who have stepped away from the chair

Using Different Strategies, All have achieved the same goal

Doctors Sharing Their Stories


Dr. Musa Bahia

Level Asset Capital


Dr. Andrew Tibbitts

Tibbitts DDS & Associates


Dr. Irving Chao

Salinas Valley Dental Care

Hear From Dentists

just like you who have stepped away from the dental chair

Using different strategies, all have achieved the same goal of achieving Independence from the dental chair.

Limited Spots For Better Engagement & Personal Interaction

Don't Just Talk About Stepping Away, Make It Happen

Walk Away With Actionable Steps For Your Practice(s)

A Dental Event That actually grows your practice

Ready To Create Time And Money Freedom?

Join The Stepping Away Workshop And Master The Following:

  • How To Make The Right Plan For You To Practice On Your Own Terms
  • Create Dental Systems That Scale
  • How to attract talent that will stick with you
  • How to create more time As a busy dentist

What does Stepping Away Mean To You?

"It means time with my family" -Dr. Stathopoulos

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Stepping Away Business Plan Template

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Financial Benchmark Spreadsheet

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Stepping Away Workbook

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Real Estate Dental Calculator

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90-Day Accountability Call

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"A very well thought out process for getting me where I wanted to go" - Dr. A

See What Everyone's Saying

Jonathan Moffat

DSO Owner, stepping away coach

Jonathan has developed winning strategies in dentistry for years. Jonathan took a single practice office to 8 practices within 3 years. Since then he has consulted, trained, hosted podcasts, and speaking engagements all over the United States. Jonathan has combined his expertise in business and successfully injected it in dentistry. He is on a mission to show dentists how easy it can be to turn a dental job into a dental business.

Dr. Musa Bahia, Level Asset Capital

Musa Bahia is a successful commercial real estate investor, a financier and active principal in a number of on-going business entities, and a well-respected Dentist. He started investing in real estate and now has over $200 Million in asset value.

Dr. Bahia will share how he built his $200 Million real estate portfolio as a dentist.

Dr. Scott Leune

Dr. Scott Leune is the founder of Breakaway Seminars and cofounder of Dental Whale. Throughout his career, Dr. Leune has opened, built, and sold numerous dental practices, has helped open more than 200 startups across the country, and currently supports over 20,000 dentists with purchasing, marketing, outsourcing, consulting, and more. Dr. Leune has been named one of the 30 most influential people in dentistry and spends his time personally training dentists on advanced practice management through his highly acclaimed Breakaway Seminars.

Dr. Leune will teach how he was able to break away from the dental chair.

Dr. Andrew Tibbitts, Tibbitts DDS & Associates

What does a doctor really want out of his practice? Dr. Tibbitts asked himself this question early on in his career. As he built his dental practice he followed a vision to make sure he gets what he wants out of his dental career. That vision was to build a system that allowed him to have a lifestyle he wanted and still have a thriving practice.

Dr. Tibbitts will teach how he built $60,000 of passive revenue in his practice.

Curtis Marshall, Dental Intelligence

Nationwide dentists have allowed Curtis Marshall to utilize his passion and skills to take their practice to the next level. With over 10 years of experience in marketing and communication, and 8 years experience in practice management, dental coaching, and operations. Dentists love the advantage they get through working with him.

Curtis will share how to systemize the operations and management of practices.

Dr. Irving Chao, Salinas Valley Dental Care

Dr. Chao from the very beginning has worked hard to achieve his practice goals. As time has gone on, he has put together people and processes to create a dental office that is self sufficient. Dr Chao has always asked himself "If I were to take myself out of the practice, how well would it run?".

Dr. Chao will share how he turned his $1 Million practice into a $9 Million practice in less than 5 years.

Dr. Christopher Sortman, Community Shores Dental

Dr. Sortman started with a single practice and over the past few years has built up a domineering nine practice group. He created a solid system, packaged that process and has now sold his group of practices to a larger DSO. Dr. Sortman has a passion for the dental field and a mastery over managing and growing a group practice.

We're excited to hear from Dr. Sortman about how he grew and sold his group practice.

Kerry Straine, CEO Straine Dental Consulting

Mr. Straine has consulted with numerous dental support organizations and dental supply companies to increase their “business of dentistry” knowledge, improve their operational efficiencies, and deliver significant financial results.  Having overseen consulting services for more than 4,000 dental practices and participating in over 15,000 complimentary practice assessments, he is one of the most admired dental professionals in the entire dental industry today. 

Mr. Straine is called “The Data Whisperer” in the dental analytics software field for his validated research and optimization formulas and will be sharing about practice optimization.

Where And When

Format: In-person event

Where is the conference?

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

1107 Jamboree Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660

  • Transportation to and from the conference is not provided.


Two Day Conference And Workshop

DAY 1 - OCTOBER 14th. 2022


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8


The S.T.E.P Method

Are you and your practice ready to step away?

Hiring, Training, and Retaining Associate Dentists

Taking the Leap from Dentistry to Commercial Real Estate

$0 to $25 Million in 6 years

Process: Creating Stepping Away Benchmarks

What do Asset Protection, Estate Planning, & Tax Strategy Have in Common?

The Family Office Consultant


Jonathan Moffat

Jonathan Moffat

Dr. Irving Chao

Dr. Musa Bahia

Dr. Christopher Sortman

Curtis Marshall

Jacob Stewart

Jonathan Moffat

DAY 2 - OCTOBER 15TH. 2022


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9



Create Systems to Grow and Scale.

Kicking Insurance to the Curb

Alternative Real Estate Investments: How They Can Reduce Stock Market Risk & Enhance Returns of Your Portfolio

The Million Dollar Take-Home Pay Formula

Create a Passive Income Portfolio

Overcome the Fear of Growth

Create your 90-day Stepping Away Action Plan

Raffle Drawing Winner Announced


Jonathan Moffat

Dr. Andrew Tibbitts

Rusty Curtis

Chris Tate and Panel

Dr. Scott Leune

Steve Bick

Jodi Evans

Jonathan Moffat

Jonathan Moffat

DAY 1 - FEBRUARY 18TH, 2022

DAY 2 - FEBRUARY 19TH, 2022

  • Time
  • Topic
  • Speaker
  • Session 1
  • How to create systems that scale The values-driven enterprise
  • Jonathan Moffat
  • Session 2
  • The scalability equation
  • Jonathan Moffat
  • Session 3
  • Developinng and leading successful teams
  • Dr. Irving Chao
  • Session 4
  • Build Your Path To Stepping Away
  • Jonathan Moffat
  • Session 5
  • The Stepping Away Plan Review
  • Jonathan Moffat

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to help you grow your practice and optimize your lifestyle.

We share about our experiences with practices and what we have seen work and not work in the dental industry.

On top of that you have the opportunity to create solutions in our workshop style conference.

If you don't walk away with useful and actionable steps to help you, we will personally refund you 100% of your ticket price.

Frequently asked questions

What will I get out of the workshop?

plan, People, Process

Build a winning strategy

  • Walk away with a comprehensive plan for your practice
  • Understand the current status of your team and where the gaps are
  • 90 day strategy to bring your plans and your team together to start achieving your goals
  • 14 CE Credits

Can I bring someone?

Discounts For Friends

  • Invite a friend and get guest ticket price discounted.

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